New England Expressive Arts

"The ancient art form of mosaics is my way of making sense of a complex and uncertain world. My ideas come from a wellspring of emotion and restless creativity. I use color and texture to represent sentiments in need of self-expression and visual manifestation. My designs are largely spontaneous, allowing the mosaic to evolve naturally. I let my imagination run with themes of abstract humor and passion toward a clarity that resonates with the viewer. I love the challenge of putting broken pieces together forming a mosaic that elicits feelings when words are not enough. I arrange materials to fit my designs like puzzle pieces formed by the spirits of inspiration."

Susan E. Rosano, MA
Arts in Education Master Teaching Artist
Registered Expressive ArtsTherapist
Consultant & Educator
Mosaic and Mural Artist
Reiki Master/Nationally Certified Hypnotist 

Oil Drum Art project  
on YouTube

Visit Susan on  "Mid Life Matters"  Talking  About  Her Arts Program

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